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Post by Navitas on Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:32 am


When I was 13 years old my Dad came home and told my brother and my self that we were moving two blocks down on the same street. We were excited for we were going to finally own a home. My dad was so excited to purchase the home for only $10,000. It was a small home yet two bed rooms is all we really needed. Dad took us to see the home that day and that is when the night mare began. When we pulled in to the drive way the couple that lived there were packing their vehicle with what they could fit and were leaving in a hurry. The couple was renting the place and was there for only six months. The lady, while holding their two year old baby was crying and warning us that the house was evil. As kids we had no choice but to be scared. Our father instructed us to ignore the couple for they were on drugs. I remember thinking to my self how nice the family looked for being on drugs and I found it really hard to believe.
Well we moved in that week and the nightmare began to unfold. every one seemed to be on edge and every one began to change as a person. Dad and our step Mom through my brother out and it seemed as every day that passed made for a more evil step mother. For a long period of time I was forced to stay in my room and when I say forced I mean that I was pad locked in my room. Well another summer had passed and it was back to school. We all seemed to just ignore the foot steps that were so close to all of us as we watched TV in the living room and the unexplained dead animals in the yard were ok with us as well.
To make a long story short. As I set in my room preparing for bed I heard a noise in my closet. The noise was that of a person digging through my belongings. I opened the closet door to find no one there yet all of my clothes were off the hangers and my personal stuff was knocked off the top shelf. I ran out of the room and told my Dad. My dad grew angry and told me to just ignore it and go to sleep. I lied in bed that night as the noise came back. At around 1:00 am I ran out of my room and climbed on the couch. Then it sounded as though a tornado was striking only my room. The noise was so loud that my Dad came out of his room and just stared at my door. He then asked me, what in the hell is going on? I expressed with fear the fact that I did not know. My dad then told me not to be scared and just go to sleep. He said un sure of him self; it will all be OK in the morning.
The next morning I got up for school and as I walked in to my room it was the most creepiest feeling I had ever felt. Nothing was in place and every thing was knocked over. As I began to clean up I noticed that a Frisbee that my grandmother had purchased for me right before she died was knocked off the wall and was lying in the middle of the floor. When I picked it up I noticed a faint writing on the inside of it that was not normal ink. A very faint writing stated "Casey was here! My marks are left on the top bunk" I immediately looked at the top bunk where it looked as though some one beat it with an axe. I showed my Dad and he grew angry and demanded that I just kept it to my self. I never slept in that room again and at the age of 15 I moved out. Not to long after that my dad divorced his wife and neither of them fought for the house. The house was eventually bought for what was owed in taxes and the house was destroyed.
I have no idea who this Casey was yet I do know that this person was not happy. I became a believer in ghost after that house did what it did to my family. Every time I speak of that house and that night my Dad just says to drop it. I am thirty years old now with three children of my own and luckily my wife and I purchased a home with a great history and nothing to fear.

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