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Post by Nieth on Sat Sep 19, 2009 3:34 am

((All credit to Urion for writing out these categories: Link))

Full Name: Nieth Arias
Nicknames: Nieth

Class: Mage -> Spiritmaster

Race: Elyos
Gender: Female
Age at Ascension: 19
Current Age: 22
Hair: Black
Skin: White(Pale)
Eyes: Grey
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 105lb


Place of Residence: Sanctum, Elysia

Place of Birth: ((TBD, unsure of the various possible locations))

Relatives: Sie Arias(Mother), Sol Arias(Father), Cat Arias(Brother) Deceased

Enemies: Wielders of darkness (Primarily Baluar, considers Asmodians an annoying interferance with her revenge)

Allies: Parhelion, Semi-loyal to the Elysian powers, prefers solo or small group efforts

Occupation: Writer

Tradeskill: Cooking, Alchemy

Appearance: Nieth is a small, but striking figure. She stands at a mere 4'8", but her piercing glare is enough to bring a giant down before her. She wears only the finest of cloths, and wouldn't dream of wearing something heavy and unweildy like chain and plate. Nieth carries a small amulet at all times, the only remaining memory of her parents.

Fashion of Choice: Fitting cloth, as expensive and exquisite as is available
Armor of Choice: Cloth regalia

Weapons of Choice: Orbs, Spellbooks. Prefers orbs.

Special Abilities: Rational and clear thinking, remains calm in combat and operates as if it is just another task to complete.

Having grown up in ((TBD)) with her parents and brother, at 18, Nieth's life took a turn for the worse when the Balaur raided her village. Nieth's parents sent her and Cay to run to safety, but on the outskirts of the village they were attacked by two Balaur assassins. Her brother turned toward them and told her to run, keeping the assassins distracted just long enough for Nieth to escape and hide on a nearby rock shelf. She watched in horror as her home and village burned to the ground, the Balaur slaughtering and destroying seemingly without purpose.

After wandering on her own for weeks, eating the small amount of food she was able to gather in the forests, she came upon a group of travelling sorcerers from Sanctum. They took her in and provided food and shelter, and instruction to the magical ways. Nieth excelled in all things magical, In only months she was able to summon elemental spirits, and on her 19th birthday, Ascended to a Daeva Spiritmaster. Vowing to take revenge on the Balaur, Nieth now seeks to expand her spiritual power to it's extent.


Cold and calculating, Nieth leaves nothing unsaid. She prefers to get her point across and be done with the discussion, regardless of how thatmay affect the other participants in conversation. She is not one to take a situation lightly, and finds those who do an annoyance. While her exterior harsh, she is kind and understanding, especially with the young and animals.

Alignment: True Neutral
Motivations: Revenge, gaining power

Serious, efficient

Outlook: Pessimistic, cautious

Religion/Philosophy: Nieth believes in what she sees, If Aion would come down to the battlefield to aid in her slaying of Balaur, she would be far more interested.

Sexuality: Not interested in relationships, though prefers women.

Positive Personality Traits:
Honest, cautious, intelligent

Negative Personality Traits: Sometimes uncaring, dismissive

Misc. Quirks: Does not imbibe any sort of alcoholic beverage


Legion: Parhelion.

Legion Rank: ((TBD))


Likes: Honesty, efficiency,justice

Harming of innocents, unnecessary harming of animals((food and clothing is a fine reason, does not enjoy but will do slaughter quests for gameplay reasons)) , laziness

Favorite Foods: Brax steaks, Porgus bacon

Favorite Drinks: Water

Favorite Colors: Silver, white, black

Hobbies: Writing, gardening, alchemy, cooking

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