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Post by Auntie Kathy on Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:18 pm

My name is Charmeine, and I'm lost.

Things I know to be true: My name; Charmeine. My race; Elyos, blessed of Aion. My abilities; to kill, to heal. My enemies; Those who corrupted Aion's message and caused the sundering of his world, the Baluur and the Asmodae.

Things that are hidden from me: My past; a blank before I was awakened in Poetas. My future; In that I take comfort, for I am no different from the rest of you.

I don't FEEL like I'm very old, but my hair is as silver as an elder's. My lips are painted red, as if with the blood of my enemy. My mouth seems eager to smile, to laugh, but I have little to laugh about at present. My body seems to know things my mind does not - how to hit, how to heal, how to run. I'm going to have to trust it to guide me back, to find myself again.

I don't know why my past is a mystery, but I'm going to find out. There may be someone out there in the rest of the worlds who knows me, even loves me. I could sit here and wallow in my loss, but I refuse. Much has been taken from me, but that's only a temporary state. Tomorrow will be better, and the day after better still.
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