Who we are and how to join.

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Who we are and how to join. Empty Who we are and how to join.

Post by Sy on Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:15 am


Hello and welcome to the Parhelion guild forums! We are a casual tri-focus Aion Legion, participating in PvE, PvP and some RP/Roleplaying as well.

Who we are and how to join. Pictur11
"Parhelion" is the scientific term for what is usually referred to in English as a "Sundog". Plural is "Parhelia". If you're not familiar with them, they are quite common optical occurances high in the sky, and http://www.atoptics.co.uk/halo/parhelia.htm is a great website to read about them, and there is of course always the wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_dog.

They've been a favorite of mine since I was a kid in central Washington, and, wanting to name the guild something appropriately sky-related, but trying to avoid the obvious wing and flight references, I'm thinking that Parhelion is just right! It means literally "Next to the Sun" which can't be more perfect for Elyos. Plus, sometimes Parhelia have purdy colors, so they're A-OK with me, man. Who we are and how to join. Icon_biggrin

Who we are and how to join. Pictur12
Haven't introduced myself yet, I'm Sy! Pronounced like "Sigh", it's my IRL nickname given me by the intertubes, and I love it. My in-game main character is "Sylark". I'm a wow dropout from about 3 years ago, and for about 4 years there I was GM of a medium RP guild. After I put myself on sabbatical, I tried a little Warhammer, a little Lotro, a bit of Ether Saga, but Aion is the first game that's really attracted me since wow got a bit old. I'm so pleased to be GMing it up again, and I can't think of a more beautiful or fascinating game to do it in!

My passion is bringing like-minded gamers together in a stable and fun environment, to enjoy the pastime the way they like! You won't find a lot of rules about being forced to attend weekly meetings, run dungeons on a strict schedule, or any of that nonsense. You have limited time to play Aion, and you're free to do it the way you like. Applicants are heavily screened to be as sure as possible that new members are a good fit for us. Application acceptance usually runs about 50%.

Our goals are to experience high-end content in both the PvE and PvP arenas, in an atmosphere that remains casual, fun, and low-pressure. Hardcore we will never be, and that's the way we like it. And we may be casual in attitude, but skill in play will be striven for just the same. Another aspect of our membership is that we are into roleplaying a bit, there are separate guild channels for roleplay chat and normal chat. Face-to-face RP will never be a guild focus, but our members can do that if they like, naturally. Guildchat RP and forum stories will be our officially guild-sponsored types of RP, and nobody is required to RP. If you are actually contemptuous of roleplaying, and are honest about that, you will not be accepted. Nor would you be happy in our clan, in case you aren't honest in the app.

A social goal is that the atmosphere of our guildchat be moderately bright and cheerful, appropriate for a fun pastime that you spend with others. If you turn out to be a gloomy person who gripes a lot, or types without thinking of how it's going to look at the other end (your tone of voice is not coming through in chat, yo), you won't last long here. We're here to have fun, not be nervous about guild drama or guildchat boorishness. Guildies who tend to be thoughtful of how they talk will be valued most. If you think this is too uptight of a goal, then you probably need a more permissive and free place to be, please feel free to go find that place!
Who we are and how to join. Pictur13 (Except for Asmodians, kill them good. o_o )

Along those same lines, we do have some topics of conversation that are absolutely not allowed in public guild channels. (or in public channels at all, good gravy, please.) We don't discuss matters having to do with politics, religion or sex. Controversial subjects are off-limits. I don't care what your idea of the correct amount of tolerance is, or what the "right" and "proper" way to view a subject is, we do. not. talk. about these things. Look, it's a big world. And we're here in this place to have happy funtimes playing a game. There's a crap-ton of sites and communities on the internets where your voice can be heard on any topic you like, and I encourage you to take advantage of those myriad and free-speech places. This, however, is a place where we ignore differences and just get along and have fun. The only way to achieve this is to: A) all have the same exact world-views, B) All have perfectly mild personalities, and never take offense at anything at all, or C) diligently stay away from divisive topics. People aren't that perfect, so C is easiest, and if you don't like it, then please go find the aforementioned free and permissive guild where I guarantee you'll be happier!

That's pretty much the deal, of course we have all the standard "holy crap, don't ninja lewts or gank lowbies over and over" rules, but it's rather assumed that our guildies will be the types of folks who wouldn't do that stuff in the first place. But it'll be written down somewheres.

Short list of guild traits:

Casual but skilled
Cool with RP
Controversy = gtfo.

If you'd like to apply, please visit our handy dandy application form thingy! <--- Click. We'll contact you as soon as is possible, which will vary greatly depending on day of the week, time of the day, holiday status, and current blood sugar levels. =P

-Sy / Sylark, GM.

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