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Post by Navitas on Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:46 am

If you see anyone from Aetherium, they are an RP-based legion, you can experiment with your in-game RP skills. This was my first time RPing with someone outside of the guild so I didn't want to make it too long since I am self-conscious like that heh. Here is the conversation I had. The easiest rule I always have to pinch myself about is pretending I can't see the person's name - at least this time I didn't mess that up Very Happy. Looking back I probably could've RPed my exit like: "I must not chat too long because the Legion is expecting my to gather ingredients for tonight's stew." (since I was farming Rubashi).

Anyways enjoy! Sorry I don't have the graphics set higher but I've been PVPing and my framerate is molasses during crazy group confrontations of Elyos vs Asmo

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