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Post by Erical on Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:49 am

(Warning! Not for faint hearted.)
“Waking in Darkness”

The cold air woke me up. I couldn't see anything. There was only darkness. The smell of blood and ash were strong.

I could barely whisper, “Where am I?”

I tried to listen for anything but there was only silence. I could feel the weight of my own body pulling on my wrists. I was chained up against a wall! My heart began to beat fast.

I didn't want to make any noise in fear of alerting anyone or anything that may be with me. My eyes slowly started to adjust to the darkness. I could now see that I was indeed shackled at my wrists and ankles with my back to a large wooden wall.
I had no armor.
No clothes.
No weapons.
I was helpless.

The shackles were tight and any movement was impossible. As I could make out more of my surrounding my heart started to race even more. The ground was covered with ash and stained with blood. I could see thick wooden and stone tables around the room. Most of still had bodies chained across them. Some of them were covered in blacken charred flesh while others had many of their limb broken or missing. All along the stone walls were more damaged bodies hanging from chains similar to the ones holding me.

“How did I get here?” I wondered.

I noticed only a single wooden door to the circular room.
Suddenly there was a noise!
I could make out footsteps in the distance. They got louder and closer to the door. Light began to creep through small cracks around the doorway. Whoever was there had reached the door. There was a jiggle of keys followed by metal clicking. The door slowly creaked open. In walk a dark figure cloaked from head to foot with a long black hooded robe. He had his arms crossed in front of himself covering his hands. He was followed by six more figures all dressed the same.

“Who are you?” I demanded!

They spread out in front of me. Four of them carrying tall axes and two carried the torches.

“Release me!” I yelled at them!

The first one who entered stood right in front of me with his arms still crossed and hands still hidden in his long sleeves. The other six walked around to an area behind the wall I was chained to. All I heard were a few clicks before a portion of the wall behind me opened up. My back was now exposed to the ones behind me.

“What are you doing to me?”

In a flash the figure's hands flew from underneath his robe! His large clawed hands stretched wide out in front of him. He was an Asmodian! He began chanting and an eerie red glow began emitting from his hands. Piercing pain erupted within my body. I tried to hold in my screams, but as the pain moved around my body I knew I was not going to be able to take it much longer. It felt as if small knives were crawling through my veins scratching and tearing as they moved. It was as if the agony itself was alive and working to gather together at the core of my being. It began stabbing deep into only what I could sense was my very soul.
I could feel him within me now.
I could sense myself beginning to lose control.
I could hear him in my mind telling me to let go.
To summon my wings!

I was not able to fight him.
He had control.
I felt my energy move from my tortured soul and out into my beautiful wings. They spread wide on the other side of the wall through the open panel at my back.
I struggled!
I beat my wings!
The ash and dust that was thrown about the room by the wind of my great wings did nothing to break his chant or lessen the control he had over me. The other six still behind me immediately began locking down chains across my wings to hold them flat against the wall. My struggle was useless. Then there came loud splashes from behind. I felt my wings grow heavy under the weight of the liquid as it stuck to them. That's when the fire came.

I felt my wings light up with the flames in an instant. Even the skin on my back was melting away from the heat of the inferno that was now consuming my poor angelic wings.
I screamed, “Stooop, Pleeease!”

The time seemed like an eternity. My voice grew horse and died away with what felt like the dying cry of what was left of my soul. Through the burning I felt a new pain starting at the tips of what was left of my wings as they began chopping at them with their axes. I could feel each and every piece as it was hacked off inch by inch from their ends all the way to where they formed at my back. Time only seemed to slow more. Every second only came with another hard crunching strike against bone and wood.

Then fire was out.

There was nothing left to burn.

Even though my wings were magically I somehow felt I would never be able see them again, that they would forever stay the gory useless stumps they now were. The six came back around in front and the one who was chanting ceased his controlling spell. He lowered his hands and stepped forward until he was right in front of my face. He reached up grabbing at my face forcing me to look at him. Between the blood caused from clenching my eyes so tight, the ash and smoke that was still in the air, and my own tears I could barely see him anyway.

He asked, "Do still wish to be released?"

All my power was gone.
All my strength.
My wings.
I had nothing.

I begged, “Just… kill... me.”

He let go of his grip on my face letting it drop then turned to walk away.

He motioned to the others, “release her!”

The four with their axes, some still having the remains of old wings hanging off them, approached my sides. They all brought their axes close to my wrists and ankles and all in unison swung back.

I closed my eyes.

I didn't care any longer.

The axes all hit their marks and all I felt was my broken burned limbless body fall toward the ground… back into darkness.

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Post by Erical on Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:05 am

“The Dream?”

Erical hit the floor hard as she fell from her bed.
Drenched in sweat she quickly jumped to her feet.
In an instant she was examining her hands front and back.
She then looked down to her feet and did the same.

“They’re all still here!”

Erical then froze for a second.
She slowly reached around over her shoulder to feel her back.
Her skin was smooth.
A wave of relief washed over her.
She had to know for sure.

Erical closed her eyes.
Looked within herself, into her soul, and felt pure.

Her wings spread out fast and wide within the small room, knocking over a chair and small end table near the bed.
Erical giggled to herself.
She could relax.

Only a second later she fell to the floor and wept.
Her tears dripping on to the floor she cupped her face with her hands.
Her mind reeling.

Erical cried quietly to herself, “Why would I have dreamt that?”

She’s had dreams before.
Some of them past, but others visions of the future.
Neither option was something she wanted to think about.

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Post by Akaara on Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:21 am

OOC: Hehe. That was cool. And a bit creepy. I likey. Quite the nightmare.

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Post by Marcus on Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:21 am

Wow, intense was right and dark hehe. Nice work Erical I liked it. Smile

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Post by Erical on Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:04 pm

Marcus wrote:Wow, intense was right and dark hehe. Nice work Erical I liked it. Smile

I'm so glad to see people liking it! I actually had it floating around in my head since right before my vacation about three weeks ago I just couldn't find time to type it down. I hope to get other parts done soon though.

Hurry and make Jak finish his stories for us. Make him write a story for every level he gains. That'll give you a better chance of catching him.

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