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Post by Aedir on Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:50 am

First topic message reminder :

*//OOC- Orignally made for Aion Roleplayer Character sheet*

*a cut out of the Daeva Daily paper which floats around some human towns, accompanying it is a picture of Aedir: his jet black hair is just long enough to cover his ears. His crystal blue eyes stand out against his slightly tanned skin. His smile strectches across his face producing dimples on both sides. A tattoo covers his left eye but doesnt detract from his beauty. the article reads:*

Interviewer: Here we are with one of the first and oldest Daeva's, Guardian Aedir. How are you today My Lord?
Aedir: Please just call me Aedir, I am fine thank you
Interviewer: We have letters here from readers and they would like to ask you a few questions if that is alright?
Aedir: yeah that is fine, shoot *smiles warmly*

Interviewer: Most of them want to know your full name?
Aedir: *laughs* My full name... it's been awhile since anyone has used my last name... Aedir Gabriel Luhgnahm *laughs agian thinking back to the old days*
Interviewer: Do You have any nicknames that your friends or family call you?
Aedir: *pauses for a a second* No, everyone just calls me Aedir

Interviewer: So you are a Cleric I believe? How did that come about?
Aedir: Yes, faithful of Aion. I was taken in by a local priest, soul healer and now once great friend, Father Ziek, when I was only 16, he taught me how to heal certain diseases and wounds, I was on my way to become a soul healer when Israphael came to collect me.
Interviewer: Israphael himsefl!?
Aedir: Yes, you have to remember that this was very near the beginning of the Millenium War, before the idea of peace was brought forward, so Israphael did the same duties that the other Lords did, including choosing and trainging Daevas
Interviewer: If you were trained near the beginning of the war that makes you over a thousand years old......
Aedir: Yeah, downside to being immortal, you dont age..... im stuck looking like im 28 for well forever.
Interviewer: So you were 28 when you ascended?
Aedir: Yes, I was 18 when Israphael began to teach me

Interviewer: Ok.... now all the ladies want to know, Is there any special lady on the cards and if not what are you looking for?
Aedir: *laughs with a huge grin across his face* No I am single, I am looking always but being in my position makes it hard to meet alot of women and keep a sustainable relationship *smiles again* Its a bit of a drag

Interviewer: So where does a spunk like you hang out in his spare time?
Aedir: *laughs again* I'm considered a Nomad, I dont really have a home that I live in as such. Travelling from town to town seems to take up most of my time so I stay wherever I can get a room.
Interviewer: Im sure most people would be happy to have a daeva stay at their house. So then tell me where were you born?
Aedir: I was born in a place which is now non-existant, Raven Crest. It was actually located on the top half of the world which is now Asmodian territory. *conversation suddenly turns sour*

Interviewer: Do you have any family left...
Aedir: No, I was the only one to ascend and the only one who wasnt there when the Balaur attacked the town.
Interviewer: I am sorry, i didnt know
Aedir: Its alright it was a long time ago, but... I still miss them
Interviewer: Do you want to talk about it?
Aedir: Um.... well I was called to battle when the peace treaty turned sour. I left straight away and didnt take much with me. I didnt even think to stay and protect the town, the tower was my only priority at that point in time. Little did i know that the Balaur would raid every town on thier way to the tower. After the cataclysm I ended up on the bottomw half of Ateria, and after seeing all the carnage and death on just the bottomw half I knew there was no hope for my family.

Interviewer: So your family could have survived and become Asmodians?
Aedir: *pauses and looks away* There is a small chance
Interviewer: Well then that would change your stance on the war against Asmodea then?
Aedir: Im not against it, Im not for it. I was taught to believe in forgiveness and thats what I do. I, myself believe that we were once one in the same and together we can bring down the real enemy, the Balaur.
*awkward pause for a second*
Interviewer: On a lighter note... how would you describe yourself?
Aedir: Oh jeeze, um Im sensitive, friendly, loyal..... sometimes courageous, out-going, always up for a good laugh... relaxed um.... yeah thats about it *smiles warmly again*

Interviewer: Now are you part of a factionor legion?
Aedir: As of yet no, up till now I liked to fend on my own but I am always looking for a legion.

What about favourite things... got any?
Aedir: Um yeah
Food- Im a sugar junky anythign with sugar in it
Drink- I like the occasional alcoholic beverage
Colour: Blue
Smell: rain clouds (you get a distinct smell when you fly through them)
Saying: It takes more strength to forgive then it does to swing the sword..... my mentor and good friend taught me that.

Interviewer: And finally do you have any hobbies?
Aedir: Well, I like to go hiking... I know weird why hike when you can fly. I just feel at home walking up moutains rather than flying.

Interviewer: Well thank you for your time Guardian Aedir, we hope everything goes well and that war will end soon.
Aedir: So do I *smiles*

*//OOC - ignore all the mistakes alien

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RP: Aedir's Interview - Page 2 Empty Re: RP: Aedir's Interview

Post by Aeries on Fri Oct 02, 2009 9:42 pm

lol ah, well still looks good.

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RP: Aedir's Interview - Page 2 Empty Re: RP: Aedir's Interview

Post by Aedir on Sat Oct 03, 2009 5:48 am

haha yeah i didnt realize until after i took those i could improve it haha

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RP: Aedir's Interview - Page 2 Empty Re: RP: Aedir's Interview

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